FIFA 20 Coins Glitch using Transfer Market

I bring you a brand new FIFA 20 guide.

In this article, I have a brand new FIFA20 glitch for you guys to get coins for free slash players for free, but this is a brand original method.

Because these glitches are getting patched fast, make sure you’re reading the new article because the old ones probably used. If they’re no more than like a month old or so, so yeah, this is a brand new method. So you do not need to worry about this patched, and it should be working on PS4 or Xbox one., PC and Nintendo.

So first off you want to make sure there are no other players on your transfer targets, so just make sure your transfer targets is empty. And then you also want to make sure you don’t have any like unopened packs.

FIFA 20 Glitch – How to use Transfer market to collect coins

You want to go into the transfer market and go ahead and search for the player that you do want to get for free. So, I might just use one of those new cards. It just came out the man of the match cards. You can use any FIFA 20 player for this. So if you want to do an icon, a gold card, a team of the year, it doesn’t matter.

Look at this only 31,000. That’s crazy. I want to do a player, and it’s like a pretty good price. So you guys know I’m not just going to like go buy him, but. I do not think you’ll get banned for this. I would just make sure you don’t do it like every two seconds, like do not do it for your whole team.

Just get like one player. That’s a reasonable price and then sell him and buy some more. Because I think if you were to do this with like a hundred players, then they’ll probably know something’s up. Like if your team is just straight icons, FIFA is probably going to have some questions for you. But I think if you’re just doing it usually, And you should be good.

Look at the Timo Werner card just came out 89 strikers. The perfect card to use. So I’m going to go to compare price need, you guys are gonna want to find two of the same players. I think that we can do that. So once you’re just going to want to make sure is that they are the same position and the same kind of card.

To say this was a man of the match and then just gold team over entering. Then that’s not going to work, or if it was centre attacking mid and Striker, that’s not going to work. So these two are Striker, both the same card and we’re good. So the Kim style doesn’t matter. These are two different Kim styles, but that doesn’t matter as much.

FUT Player Cards

The other thing you’re going to need to take into account is the country of the players from so Timo Werner is from Germany and he’s a striker. So you just need to know those two pieces of information you want to back out and go ahead and search for that same thing. So striker nation, region, Germany, and you want to set the max like 3000 coins.

Just something pretty small and you’re going to want to do the same thing. So find another player that is, I recommend probably like more than five minutes or so on this one, but it doesn’t matter as much once again, make sure that the same position. So these, this guy, both of them are strikers.

So you want to go ahead and back out. And to go to your transfer targets and you should see the four players. So you have the two players you want to get. And then the two players that are just the same. So what you need to do is go ahead and remove one of each. So usually just remove the one that’s either like the most expensive, or has the least amount of time left.

You should just leave with the two players that you want to get. So from here, what you want to do is back out, and you want to head to the store, and you just want to buy any pack.

You just want to buy any pack so it can be a bronze pack. May be a 100K pack. It does not matter. But one step does issue. So after you open the pack, you want to make sure you do not assign the items. It doesn’t matter who you get in the pack because this isn’t part of the glitch.

So you want to back out and just go to the exit and sort items later. So from there, as you can see, it says foot central, and you’ll see a 12, that’ll mean, claim your new items. Just head back to transfers, transfer targets, and the go-ahead to the next part of the glitch.